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Storm Restoration
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Storm Restoration & Hail Inspection

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Emergency Repair

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When It Comes To Windows, Siding & Roofing In St. Paul, Minneapolis & Roseville, We Are OBSESSED WITH PERFECTION

✓ Perfection In Our Processes.

✓ Perfection In Our Materials.

✓ Perfection In Our Installation.

Obsession with Perfection

You may think that being “obsessed” with perfection is taking it a bit too far…after all, good enough still gets the job done, right? WRONG. For us, perfection is not really about how we do things (although that is important) so much as it is a state of mind. Perfection is at the core of our company because we feel that anything less than our best is JUST NOT WORTH DOING. We aim to be the best roofing installation company St. Paul has ever seen. We won’t rest until we are THE company for siding installation in Minneapolis. We will stop at nothing to be #1.

For our customers, this means that they can absolutely rest assured that their roofing, siding, or window job will be done right. The first time. If not, we will make it right. We say what we’ll do and then we follow through. It is as simple as that.

Is one of the replacement windows we're installing even a little off kilter? We’ll rip it out and start fresh.

Is the coloring on a piece of siding we installed a little off? We’ll contact the manufacturer and have a fresh batch delivered. (Furthermore, the company we work with DEMANDS the same perfection that we do, which is why we know that they will back every quality—based decision that we make).

You don't have to worry about a thing with EZ Home Solutions, because we will stop by and inspect everything to make sure it was completed according to our quality standards. We will also stop by and say thank you for being one of our customers.

Those are just a few of the perfection—based promises we make to our customers; promises that you can count on too.