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Storm Restoration
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Storm Restoration & Hail Inspection

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Emergency Repair

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The St. Paul-Area Siding & Roofing Specialist That Takes Care Of Its Customers

Our Minneapolis, Roseville & St. Paul Roofing & Siding Customers Have A Lifetime Peace Of Mind.

Customer for Life

We decided the typical industry standards just don’t cut it. They just aren’t good enough. Most of the time, a Minneapolis siding, windows, and roofing installation company has a warranty that is only valid until you see the taillights of their truck as they drive away.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard – our promise to our customers is a LIFELONG WARRANTY on every windows, siding, and roofing project we had our hand on installing, repairing, or building. Definitely not the conventional way, but it is the EZ way.

If something goes wrong down the road due to improper window installation, siding installation, or ANY job that we do for you, we will fix it. Immediately. No questions asked.

We don't care if it has been five minutes, five days, or fifty years since we last worked on your home; if something goes wrong because of our craftsmanship, We. Will. Make. It. Right… PERIOD. We call this our Customer For Life promise. Once you work with us, you are part of the EZ Home Solutions family, and family looks out for one another.

If you would like to learn more about our Customer For Life promise, contact us with our handy contact form here or give us a call; we can get you a quote right over the phone. We are located in Roseville and provide windows, siding, and roofing for Minneapolis, St. Paul, Roseville, and all surrounding areas.