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Storm Restoration & Hail Inspection

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Even The Best Window’s In Minneapolis Or St. Paul Will Fail If Improperly Installed.

We Insist On Meticulous Minneapolis-Based Window Installation That’s Done Right The First Time.

Window Installation

At the end of the day, the guy who’s actually installing the window has to be really, really good at what he does for a window installation to be successful.

Which is why it’s sad that many window companies around Minneapolis and St. Paul ruthlessly cut costs by hiring the cheapest workers they can find, hide marginal work behind the walls where you can't see it, and skimp on materials – like using 4 screws when they should be using 6. That’s a huge mistake and it's a recipe for disaster.

The reality is that when it comes to installing windows, even a mistake as small as a 1/8th of an inch can have disastrous results. It's why we categorically refuse to cut corners.

At EZ Home Solutions you can rest assured that your window will be installed by an EXPERT – not some inexperienced day laborer – and that it will be installed perfectly.

Of course, anyone can say they are experts and that they will install your windows perfectly… so how do you know we are telling you the truth? Simple, we give you a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the window and stand behind our installation for LIFE. Oh, and we'll even replace your glass if it breaks – for any reason.

Bottom Line: Don't trust anyone else with your windows – your home, your wallet, and your safety are just too important. Call EZ home solutions today.