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Window Comparisons

There are literally hundreds of window on the market today – some great, some good and a lot of not so good. But how can you tell the difference between a great window and a mediocre one when they all look pretty much the same? The answer comes down to what you can't see – the manufacturing process.

Many of the windows you see today – especially the ones on the shelf at big box retailers – are made on assembly lines. In fact, many window manufacturers buy their parts from all over the world and then simply "assemble" them at their factory. In the industry they are most often referred to as "builders-grade" or "contractor-grade" type windows. They are just good enough to pass code, are not designed to last very long, but they are cheap. Unfortunately, unless you had a custom home built to your specifications – where you got to choose the windows personally – you probably have a "contractor-grade" type window in your home.

The harsh reality is that these types of windows will fail relatively quickly in the harsh weather of the mid-west.

Hot weather causes the window frame to expand – cold weather causes it to contract. After just a few seasons, cheaper made windows will start to crack at their welds and seams. A few more seasons and they fail completely. There is no repairing this type of failure – you have to replace. That's why it's imperative that you know exactly what it is you have in your home and exactly what type of window you are buying.

BOTTOM LINE: If you see condensation on your window, fog inside the glass, or feel a draft… you have a catastrophic failure that is costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on lost heating and cooling.

At EZ Home Solutions we only sell and install windows that we know – for a fact – will hold up to the weather and to wear and tear. In fact, our premium windows are custom measured, custom made and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. We'll even replace the glass on the window if it breaks – no matter the reason.

So if you're ready for new windows that can save you hundreds (or even thousands) off your energy bill and that look amazing, call us. But if you want more information on our premium line of windows or for a more detailed breakdown of window comparisons you can visit our online catalog by clicking here.