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Every Contractor Claims To Have The Best Siding In Minneapolis…...

The Reality? There Is No Such Thing As “The Best Siding.” In Minneapolis, St. Paul, Or Anywhere Else.”


That’s a pretty big claim—stating that there is no such thing as “the best siding product"— especially when it's coming from a Minneapolis-area siding installation company. You will have a hard time finding another siding company in the area that will make this bold claim. But one thing you will learn about EZ Home Solutions is that we will never lie to you. We may be blunt and direct, but we are straight shooters who would rather educate you than sell you.

Speaking of the truth—the reason we can categorically say that there is no such thing as the "world's best siding product" is because no single siding product is the perfect solution for everyone. Different needs dictate different siding.

Case in point: Why in the world would you want vinyl coated steel siding on a beachfront property? Sure, steel siding might work great in Arizona—but it's asking for problems in Miami Beach. The smallest scratch on that siding and that moisture rich (high humidity), salt laden air will rust that new siding in just a matter of years. If you hire a siding contractor in St. Paul or Minneapolis without having a firm understand of your home’s needs, you would literally be throwing away your money. Or, why get aluminum or metal siding in a winter storm prone area—ever see the damage that hail can do to metal siding?

So what is the best siding for your home? The answer is that it depends. Siding Installation in Anoka is completely different than Miami Florida. A siding company in Roseville MN has different practices than one in Dallas.

Like we said, there is no single siding product that is perfect for everyone. What you need is an expert from a professional siding company in Minnesota to sit down with you and go over your options. There are so many things that you have to consider when replacing your siding. Like, for example, do you have a homeowner's association and do they have any restrictions on types of siding? Do you have energy efficiency considerations? Can your siding handle the temperature shifts in an area like Saint Paul, MN? And much, much more.

Bottom Line: CALL US.

Let us perform a thorough inspection. Let us sit down with you to have an honest and frank discussion about your siding. This is a conversation – NOT A SALES PITCH. We never "sell." We inform, we educate, You Decide. Don't get sold on a siding product you don't want, don't need and that simply will not work for you.

Call EZ Home Solutions today – I promise you won't regret it.

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Even the best products in the world will fail if installed incorrectly.

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