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Selecting The Right Roofing Material In The St. Paul Area Is Critical.

Not Sure If Your St.Paul-Area Home Needs A Metal Roof, An Asphalt Roof, Or Another Material? We’ll Help You Decide.

Roofing Comparisons

The reality is that there are probably as many styles and types of roofing materials on the market as there are styles and types of homes: architectural shingle, three-tab shingles, tile, slate, cedar, and the list goes on. But contrary to popular belief – not all roofing materials are created equally.

So what material should homeowners use for a new roof in the St. Paul and Minneapolis areas? That's the million dollar question. The answer is it depends – every roof is unique. No single product on the market today is the "perfect" solution for every home.

For example, a cedar shake style roof uses natural wood and is beautiful – and when properly maintained it can last practically forever. But that’s the tradeoff – it requires constant maintenance. You have to ask yourself if you are willing to spend the time and money on maintenance and upkeep –every single season? If not, then maybe a less maintenance heavy synthetic or composite material is the right solution – like asphalt shingles, slate, or maybe even tile.

But then you have to deal with the varying characteristics of your roof. Pitch angles, weight, support structure, and more – all dictate what type of material can and should be used. For example, slate and tile roofs are extraordinarily heavy compared to other roofing materials. Before you can even think about using these types of materials a thorough inspection is needed to determine if your roof can even handle the extra weight.

As you can see, choosing the “right” material for your home is a complicated matter – in fact, here is a brief breakdown of just a few of your choices:

Roofing Comparisons

As you can see, each different roofing material has their own pros and cons, and it really does take a roofing EXPERT to sit down with you and to explain it all – let alone to install it. Unfortunately, most “roofers” will just show up and try to sell you on the one product that they carry. They don’t take the time to discuss your options, the type of roof you have, or any aesthetic considerations you may have.

Don’t get sold on a product you don’t need – Or on a product that simply will not work on your roof.

Call EZ Home Solutions today to discuss your situation; we’d be honored to give you any advice and help that we can. From aluminum roofing in St. Paul to shingle roofing in Minneapolis, we can do it all… and help you make the right choice for your home.