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Getting The Right Window In Minnesota Doesn't Have To Be Complicated.

If You Have Questions About Windows For St. Paul, Minneapolis, Or Roseville, We Have The Answers.

Question List

How Come Your Windows Aren’t As Cheap As Some Other Minneapolis-Based Window Companies’?

There are window installation companies out there that advertise windows for less than $200 a window. That is an incredible price! Why don’t we offer something like that?

Because we know that those windows simply will not last in Minnesota weather – and will not give you the energy savings you are probably looking for. Getting window replacement in Roseville or St. Paul doesn’t really compare to getting a window replacement somewhere that doesn’t suffer from the weather that we do.

They are just hooks to get you to dial the number. When you call, they’ll set an appointment to come “measure your windows.” The reality is that they are more than likely setting you up for a bait-and-switch and the hard sell. The self proclaimed “most affordable window replacement company in Roseville MN” will quickly become the priciest window quote you’ll get. Trust us. Call them and set an appointment and see what happens. The reality is that there is no such thing as a “real” $200 window.

The windows we carry are extraordinarily energy efficient and custom built to fit your window frames. That means they cost a little more up-front, but they will save you money on energy bills and will make your home look fantastic. Our prices are what they are – we don’t hide that fact – but you will know EXACTLY what you are getting before you sign up for EZ Home Solutions Services.

What's The Difference Between Your Windows And Those Windows I Can Buy At Big-Box Retailers In St. Paul And Minneapolis?

Buying windows off the shelf is like buying a suit of the rack. It looks good – but how do you know if it really is going to work and look amazing? The reality is that you can't try on your windows like you can the suit. And once you buy them, there is no way to alter them. Unfortunately, many installers will just use some shims and a whole lot of caulking to get these windows to fit.

Our custom windows are precision-engineered to 1/8” increment and manufactured to fit your specific window opening. You will get the exact style and options you desire, the utmost energy efficiency, and an overall better appearance and window installation in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Roseville, or anywhere in Minnesota.

What's The Deal With Fusion-Welded Windows?

The quality of your windows will have a lot do with how they are built at the factory. Many window companies buy their parts from around the world, have them shipped and then assemble them in their "factory." This may make for a cheap window but it also makes for lousy construction and quality.

Beware of windows that have mitered corners and that are screwed together or where the corners are chemically welded. Corners are the most critical and fragile part of the window. The window's corners should be "fusion welded" in order to ensure weather tight construction, which is critical for Minnesota homes. Fusion welded means that they are heat-welded together, much in the same way as you would weld metal pieces together.

You’ll also want to take a look at the vinyl extrusions in the window frame and sash. At a quick glance all vinyl windows may look similar, but there can be dramatic differences in the quality of the vinyl used. Some windows, built with lower-quality vinyl that has a dull blue or gray cast, can become brittle over time.

Not all window replacement Woodbury MN companies will go over this with you, so when you’re shopping around, make sure you ask questions.

What Other Types Of Construction Features Should I Look For In Windows In The St. Paul And Minneapolis Areas?

Focus on where and how the windows are made. Our replacement windows start with a computer-controlled construction of the mainframe and steel-reinforced sash. This produces a solidly built window with superior strength that is perfect for homes in and around Roseville and Saint Paul. Almost all of our windows come standard with double-strength glass for an exceptionally strong barrier. Interlocking meeting rails and thickset multi-chambered extrusions further add to the structural integrity of the window. Multi-layer weather-stripping, a compression bulb seal and drop-in glazing provide excellent thermal protection. You’ll also want to test the window’s moving parts. Our Double-Hung Windows, for example, feature a full interlock at the meeting rails to seal the window tightly shut and a constant force balance system to ensure smooth and easy operation of the moving sash.

What Should I Look For In Terms Of Window Performance In Minnesota?

“Green” and “Efficient” are buzz words relating to replacement windows in the Roseville, MN area. In short, when looking at the Window Energy Efficiency Label you want to look at the "U-Value." This is the industry standard on how well a window resists heat flow. Without getting too technical just remember this rule of thumb – the lower the number the better the efficiency. Of course this is not the only thing you should look for but it is a good place to start. Why? Because a window is about 80% glass. So how efficient (and strong) the glass is will have a profound impact on the overall efficiency of the window.

Many of the windows on the market today are built with single-strength glass. Our windows are built with double-strength glass, which means that each pane is 3 mm thick instead of the industry standard of 2 mm. The glass is stronger, more protective and won’t crack or break as easily. So it’s important to select a window-glass package that will help shield your home from absorbing outside heat in the summer and losing indoor heat in the the cold Minnesota winter. For optimum energy savings consider that our windows have the exclusive ClimaTech® insulated glass package. ClimaTech combines Low-E glass with argon (or krypton) gas and the Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System to achieve optimal energy efficiency.