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Choosing the Right Siding in Minneapolis Isn’t Easy – It’s Only Logical That You May Have Some Questions.

We Have Answers To Your Questions About Siding In Minneapolis, St. Paul & Roseville.

Question List

In Your Experience, What Is The Best Siding For Minnesota?

It depends on the situation. The best siding is the one that specifically addresses your needs, your budget and that will absolutely work in your given geographical area. I understand that many siding contractors in St. Paul and Minneapolis won’t admit this and will try to sell you whatever makes them the most money. With that being said, probably one of the best products on the market today is insulation backed vinyl siding. I could go on at length, but suffice to say that it holds up extraordinarily well – no matter the weather and it saves you money by improving your home's exterior Insulative properties.

But again, I have to stress that each situation is different, and it takes a siding EXPERT to determine what siding is best for you. Not every siding contractor is an expert.

Why Is Siding So Important For St. Paul/Minneapolis Homeowners?

Siding is the first, last, and best defense against the elements. Think of it this way. Your skin is what protects you – this is like the exterior walls of your home. But what protects your skin in inclement weather? Most people probably wear a jacket. Well siding is like that jacket – it protects the exterior walls of your home from moisture, cold, heat, and a myriad of other problems. And just like a jacket – the right siding on your home can make one dramatic fashion statement. It can make your home the best looking house in and around Saint Paul.

How Long Is Siding Warrantied For?

That totally depends on the manufacturer. Obviously, cheaper products come with a cheap warranty. But better siding in the Minneapolis area can have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. It's best to sit down and talk with one of our siding EXPERTS so that we can match your needs and your budget to the perfect siding.

Does Thicker Siding Really Mean Better Siding In St. Paul And Minneapolis?

About the only thing, thicker siding really means is a higher price tag. Siding companies in Roseville, St. Paul, and so on will charge you more. While thicker siding may help in the overall rigidity of the material – thickness in and of itself is no guarantee on quality, durability, value, or performance.

So What Exactly Should I Be Looking For In Siding?

There are so many things to consider when selecting the proper siding for a Minneapolis-area home. Some key items to look for are the type of nailing hem design, the type of paneling architecture and its projection, type of locking mechanism, type of grain, capstock formulation, chemical makeup and consistency – including UV blockers.

Each one of these items will have a significant impact on durability and value. For example, the type of nailing hem design can have a significant impact on the sidings wind resistance capabilities. Some siding can withstand up to 150 m.p.h. winds. This is particularly important to those homes subject to hurricanes and tornadoes. Again, it really does take an EXPERT from a professional siding company to sit down and figure out what is going to work best for you. Just because the guy knocking on your door claims to be the best siding contractor Roseville has ever seen, doesn’t mean there is any truth to his claim. Be very mindful of anyone that gives you siding advice without solid reasons to back it up!