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Here Are A Few Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions Homeowners Have About Roofing In Minneapolis, St. Paul & Roseville

Here are A Few Of the More Popular Questions Minnesota Homeowners Ask Us.

Question List

I Am Worried About My Roof – What Should I Be Looking For When It Comes To Problems With Roofs In Minneapolis And St. Paul?

A lot of times, roofs in Roseville, St. Paul, and Minneapolis will reach the end of their useful life expectancy naturally without experiencing a roof failure (it’s not leaking.) But if you procrastinate and wait on replacing that old roof – that is near end of its service life but not yet leaking – it could result in bigger and costlier problems down the road.

So keep a sharp eye out for these early warning signs. This will help ensure that you have plenty of time to add a new roof to your TO DO list.

Potential WARNING signs that your roof may needs to be replaced RIGHT NOW:

  • Shingle edges are curled or cupped
  • Bald spots where granules are missing
  • Cracked shingles
  • Missing shingles

Potential WARNING signs that your roof may need to be replaced Soon:

Your roof is at least 10-15 years old; while many roofing shingles are produced for durability, there are many factors that can age and wear out your shingles prematurely. For example, poor roofing ventilation. If your roof lacks proper ventilation, you build up excessive heat in your attic, and hot spots on your roof – this heat WILL negatively impact your shingles and reduce their service life substantially.

Also, the severe storms we get in in and around the Saint Paul, MN area – especially the hailstorms – can really damage your roof. You really should have your roof inspected by a local professional roofing company every year and after every major storm.

Neighbors are getting new roofs. If your neighbors are getting a new roof it can be a good indicator that you should as well. Many Minnesota neighborhoods are planned communities where most of the homes were built around the same time. The neighborhood also experiences the same type of weather. So if your neighbor’s roof is worn out yours probably is as well. But remember, while your neighbor might go with a great roofing company in Anoka, make sure you always do your research,

The roof just looks old and worn. Sometimes, it pretty easy to spot a roof that needs to be replaced. This is especially true with some of your older asphalt shingles that were built years ago and did not have the benefit of today’s modern technology. Newer asphalt shingles are better protected against the sun's harmful UV rays and do not fade as fast – if at all – unlike older shingles. If you roof looks “faded” it might be approaching the end of its useful life.

Moss. Moss can grow on just about any surface that doesn’t get much sunlight – even more so in cool, moist climates. Unfortunately for homeowners in and around Saint Paul or Woodbury, moss growth can be more than just a simple cosmetic issue. Moss loves to grow on roofs. Once mold invades your roof it will hold moisture against the roof surface. Overtime – in freezing climates – this will cause damage to your shingles.

Most homeowners will break out a ladder and brush off the moss – BAD IDEA. There are some things that you can do on your own – brushing off the moss should be left to expert roofing companies in Coon Rapids, or in your hometown. While moss can be brushed off the roof it will not prevent it from growing back. But even worse – brushing off the moss can do more harm than good. Shingles rely on the granules to protect them. Brush off the moss and you might be brushing off the granules and damaging the shingle surface. We highly recommend you contact us if you have moss on your roof.

I Was Inspecting My Roof, And I Have These Weird Dark Streaks – What’s Wrong?

Simple answer: it’s algae growing on your roof. Algae can become airborne and over time will land on your roof and cause dark streaks. Algae does not normally harm your roof, but it certainly does not look very nice.

Simple solution: remove the algae with a blend of bleach and water – about a 50/50 mix. Make sure you use a low volume / low pressure hose to spray the solution. You don't want to spray off the shingles protective granules. Also, make sure to protect your landscaping – bleach will kill your plants.

However, if your algae problem is significantly large it could be an indicator of a much larger problem. If you have any doubt at all – call EZ HOME SOLUTIONS in Roseville, MN.

Lots Of Roofing Companies Around Minneapolis Like Tto TALK About Their Great Warranties – But What’s The Difference… Really?

It’s a sad fact; most roofing installation companies in the Minneapolis area – really, statewide, give you what’s known as a “tail light warranty.” The job is guaranteed until you see the roofer’s truck tail lights as he drives away. Once he is gone, and you have a problem – you will almost always get the phone tag run-a-round. The installer tells you to call the manufacturer and then the manufacturer says you need to call the installer – it’s a vicious cycle that never seems to end.

Because here is the catch, while many manufacturers give you a pretty good warranty on the materials – it only covers the materials… NOT THE LABOR. And therein lies the problem. Most roofing installation companies in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and throughout MN only offer a 1 or 2-year labor warranty on top of the manufacturer’s materials warranty. In practice, when problems come up – typically in as little as 3 to 5 years – the manufacturer frequently tries to pass the blame to the contractor, the roofing contractor blames the manufacturer and you end up paying for repairs.

Not At EZ Home Solutions. EZ Home Solutions has the strongest warranties in the industry— it’s not even close. How can we offer these warranties? We can offer these warranties because our our processes are so thorough, our workmanship is so meticulous and our installation so precise. Simply stated—we don’t mess up, so we’re not afraid to back up our work.

With Our IKO & GAF Approved Materials, You Get A LIFETIME WARRANTY – And We Back It Up With A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE PROMISE.

If there is a problem, we fix it… PERIOD. No exceptions, no fine print, and no exclusions.

Do not settle for less. If a roofer won’t match our warranties IN WRITING, keep looking. The problems you’ll have in the future just aren’t worth it. With EZ Home Solutions, you’re covered… FOR LIFE.